“By all means go ahead and tear this ‘left’ a new a***hole; Christ knows they’ve got it coming”

The real story is always in the comments…

SPUD MIDDLETON  “The reason is straightforward, left-wingers and liberals regard discrimination and prejudice against men as more important than that against females”

That’s a lazy and ignorant characterisation resulting from a stupid conflation of ‘left wing’ with ‘liberal’. You’re the type of knobhead who’d doubtless describe the Guardian as a left-wing newspaper. It isn’t. It represents the bourgeois preoccupations that allow the ‘progressive middle class’ to feel good about themselves while stoking up the pension fund, consuming like there’s no tomorrow, paying to make sure their kids get a big head start over the working class and wallowing in lifestyle colour supplement porn yet maintaining clear water between themselves and the nasty Tories.

Unfortunately for the rest of society, they reinforce this distance by adopting attitudes and policies which have no direct bearing on their day to day existence. Instead the impact is born by the working class and the poor women of certain minority groups who suffer indignities which liberals deem inviolate due to their cultural sensitivity. This is not down to the left. It’s the pseudo left; the ‘left’ that abandoned economic justice and threw themselves instead into identity politics; the ‘left’ that chucked solidarity and commonality in favour of individual validation; the ‘left’ that is, in short, a degenerate brand of liberalism informed by apolitical post structuralist posturing; precisely that left for which Sunny Hundal’s been a spokesman for bloody years; a left that’s condoned all kindsa injustice on cultural grounds just to maintain a delusional moral distance from the Tories and a mythical ‘white van’ majority; a ‘left’ whose only raisin d’être is condescension and sixth form irony; a ‘left’ that regards Laurie Penny as a radical thinker.

By all means go ahead and tear this ‘left’ a new a***hole; Christ knows they’ve got it coming. But please stop referring to them as left wing. ‘Liberals’, ‘ bourgeois dilettantes’, ‘trust fund radicals’, ‘hand-wringing muppets’, ‘identity gobshites’ etc convey a far more accurate sense of what they’re all about.”

The left cannot remain silent over “honour killings