What does it take to get evicted in Sweden?

A man in Sandviken in central Sweden has been warned by authorities on two occasions for masturbating naked on his balcony, a fact that is making local mothers demand his eviction. Mats Johansson at Sandvikenhus, the alleged flasher’s landlord, told the paper that they are working to solve the situation in a way that will be in the interest of all parties.

“To evict someone isn’t always the best solution. Wherever they live they could go and flash children at some playground,” he told GD. However, Johansson also said that it would be hard for the landlord to keep the man on as a tenant if he flashes people from his balcony.

The mothers are scared that the man will prove to be a threat to the local children. But according to Johansson, he has spoken to the man’s psychiatric support staff and they are adamant that he doesn’t have any such tendencies.