Human Rights Commissions Are A Bad Neighborhood

Small Corroding Words, by Jon Gower Davies, is a systematic critique of the philosophy, research and practice of the EHRC. It reveals serious flaws in the EHRC’s ‘triennial review’, How Fair Is Britain?, that was used to demonstrate unfairness in Britain. What the research actually shows are the statistical differences between some groups. This line of thinking entails, for example, taking the fact that men are more likely to die in work-related accidents than women as a sign of unfairness. (pp. 8-9) The EHRC inaccurately blames Britain for differences of this kind.

In some cases, this way of interpreting statistics can point in contradictory policy directions. For example, black people are cited as both more likely to be imprisoned than white people and more likely to be homicide victims in How Fair Is Britain. This can be partially explained by the fact that it is frequently black individuals who are the victims of black offenders (including homicides). According to the EHRC’s logic, the Government would be perpetuating unfairness both by imprisoning more black offenders (discrimination in the justice system) and by refusing to do so (resulting in less physical security for the black community).”

Looks like an interesting book, every bit as applicable to Canada.