Today We Celebrate The Removal Of Toronto’s History Warping “Peace Garden”

Today we celebrate the removal of the “Peace Garden” dedicated to whitewashing history and the nation that raped, tortured, murdered & starved millions across Asia In WW II. August 6th is the anniversary of the first use of the Atomic Bomb. Its use spared millions of lives on both sides and considerably shortened the war against the Japanese in WW II. The City of Toronto, to it’s disgrace, installed a history warping “Peace Garden”, fittingly, in 1984. In 2010 the “Peace Garden” or as I prefer to call it, the monument to our enemies , was decommissioned. Let’s hope it remains forgotten & does not find a new home at City Hall.

Sergeant John Payne’s Last Letter, 1942

“Sergeant John Payne of the Winnipeg Grenadiers wrote this letter on a piece of wrapping paper on the night he attempted to escape from the prison camp. His parting words were “Get that letter to my mother. I will meet you all in Winnipeg.” Unfortunately, the 23-year-old soldier was recaptured and summarily beheaded.”

It’s not dead yet, but it should be.