Spain: 50 Muslims Attack Mother & Son For Walking Their Dog

Note this is Google Translate: JR-Sunday July 29. Like every morning, a young Spanish 27 years quietly walked their dogs through the plaza Font Freda, the district of San Lorenzo in Terrassa. As before, the young man accompanied by his mother, 50 years old. The night before, her cousin was walking her dog in the same plaza. A group of women who stroll Maghreb reproached him with “impure” about them. Discussed and the Muslims attacked the Spanish girl, who had to be treated at a hospital.Subsequently filed a complaint against their aggressors.

Apparently, following this altercation, the North Africans were on the lookout for the family. So, last Sunday, when the square appeared the boy and his mother, about fifty of North Africans were already waiting. No to mediate any dispute Islamists attacked the boy.