Slow Learners: Globe Publishes Chick-fil-A Hate Screed

The piece is getting hammered in the comments…again.

We are all “purposeful heterosexual” now!

h/t dr

World’s Biggest Asshole Adam Smith Makes Non Apology

Note this from the YouTube comments: Do you realize he also had OTHER VIDEOS (which he deleted out of cowardice) of him harassing not only this chick-fil-a girl, but CHRISTIANS minding their own business? He found a man on Good Friday making a pilgrimage up a MOUNTAIN while carrying this HUGE CROSS on his back. He proceeded to berate this man for his faith from the safety of his car while the man continued to drag the cross up the steep hill. What a coward. This man deserves no sympathy.

Antoine thinks Adam Smith is a Creep, that’s good enough for me