Our Friend & Ally Barry Rubin

This is very sad news.

Why I’ve Always Written So Much with Such Intensity … And Why I Won’t Stop Now

“Nothing is stranger than having a normal life and then within a few hours knowing that it might end at almost any moment. That’s what happened to me when I was just diagnosed with what is called inoperable lung cancer. I am still waiting for final results of the tests and the choice of therapies.

I have no desire to make this my focus, but it’s been suggested that I write something about it that might be of broader interest.

First, for those of us whose understanding of cancer is based on past information, it is very important to understand that a lot has changed. That diagnosis twenty or thirty years ago would have given a person only a few months to live. Today, with many of the new therapies invented, one has a fighting chance. Still, it is tough to have your life expectancy lowered from around twenty years to a minimum of two within moments.”

Barry gave me the tip for the Kaliphate Kabbie story.