Think I’ll Take A Pass On Caribbean Air…Passengers Terrorized By Demon Woman!

“Boarded Caribbean Airlines flight BW078 from Canada to Kingston Jamaica on July 30, 2012 and this mad woman terrorized EVERYONE on the flight while the flight attendants were afraid to restrain her….. the worst part about this whole thing, she was carrying on long before we boarded the flight and she came on the flight, took her seat and just as the pilot advised us that the flight would have been delayed for 1 1/2 hours given we were already on the tarmac waiting to leave, this demon of a woman got up and began ranting while passengers had to flee from their seats!!!! I was horrified at her outrageous behavior and stunned that the flight attendants DID NOT HAVE HER REMOVED FROM THE FLIGHT!!! We had to endure this behavior for SIX HOURS!!!!!

Part 2 and Part 3