An “anti-oppressive, anti-racist position” means never having to mention Islam…

I’ve been wondering about the issue of Forced Marriage in Canada in light of efforts by the UK to combat this repugnant practice. Let’s look at at some facts regarding the make-up of the UK’s case load. The UK’s Forced Marriage Unit records that “65 percent of its cases involved Pakistani nationals and 25 percent involved Bangladeshi nationals“. In other words 90% of it’s total case load.  In an article published in the Montreal Gazette in June of this year the FMU reports that “46 per cent of the nearly 600 cases of forced marriage it dealt with between January and May this year involved Pakistani nationals” alone.

Pakistan and Bangladesh are Muslim nations and while other cultures do engage in the practice of forced marriage it is a safe bet to state that it is most prevalent within Islamic cultures. Which leads me to wonder at Canada’s effort to combat Forced Marriage.  In my search I came across this organization; AMFM Canada- the Alliance of Multicultural Agencies Against Forced Marriage in Canada which runs the “Forced Marriage Project”.

AMFM states that their project is: “… an awareness and education initiative. Hundreds, possibly thousands, of women, girls, men and boys in Canada are affected by forced marriage; however it is an issue that has not as yet been adequately addressed in Canada. As such, we approach the issue of forced marriage from an anti-oppressive, anti-racist position, viewing it primarily as a form of violence against women, which is sometimes used to control men and boys as well, and we seek to address it along with other forms of violence and domestic abuse.

Anti-oppressive and anti-racist? Now what does that mean? Well I sense that it means one must never mention Islam. In fact in a site search of I got exactly one hit for Islam. The link takes you to an “academic paper”,  Fernandez, S. (2009). The crusade over the bodies of women. Patterns of Prejudice, 43(3/4), 269-286. doi:10.1080/00313220903109185, which  states that any mention of Islam in the context of Forced Marriage is Islamophobic!

From the abstract: “She explores the discourse around gender-based practices such as veiling, forced marriages and honour killings to reveal the ways in which expressions of Islamophobia have become normalized and neutralized through the articulation and juxtaposition of traditions of patriarchy and gender inequality within Islam and counter traditions of gender equality in the West. She argues that the effect of this is two-fold. First, it unquestioningly reinforces the idea that Islam is oppressive to women, homogenizing and generalizing such oppression as representative of the whole rather than as specific to the few. Second, it allows for the silencing of the voices of Muslim women while simultaneously proclaiming a desire to free them from such silencing. Fernandez suggests that it is this duality hidden behind a facade of concern for gender equality that facilitates the institutionalization of Islamophobic norms.”

The site is full of such leftist drivel even citing Occupy Wall Street & Slutwalk as examples of positive activism: “The “Occupy Wall street” action and the “Slutwalk” marches spread like wildfire around the world because they tapped into issues that are of concern globally – “Occupy” actions are concerned with the corruption of economic institutions and policies, and the failure of governments and institutions to help the most vulnerable”.  Those would be the same Slutwalkers who never met a misogynist Imam they didn’t like.

In their “Profiles in Courage” section they have stories about an a Girl in Medieval England & of course Bountiful gets it’s own story as wellbecause statistics show that Medieval Mormons are….

About the only accomplishment by AMFM, and I use that term very loosely, that I can find was the indoctrination of some unwitting children in leftist notions of gender as seen in this video.

How is it that the UK’s Forced Marriage Unit, operating under the constraints imposed by a far more politically correct environment, can have the courage to call things as they are, to boldly state that the vast majority of Forced Marriage cases it deals with originate in the Islamic cultures of Pakistan and Bangladesh?
AMFM is funded by Status of Women Canada in partnership with Agincourt Community Services Association. In other words your tax dollars are funding a distorted pathetic left wing pantomime.
Contact Status Of Women Minister Rona Ambrose & let her know your taxes are being wasted on this leftist charade.