The Toronto District School Board’s War Against The Family Continues…

Update Michael Coren: Co-Parenting Their Way To Gender Openness

We’ve seen in previous posts that the TDSB considers parents to the creators of poisoned environments and thus unqualified to be consulted let alone allowed to make actual decisions regarding their children’s education. To refresh your memory the following is taken from TDSB’s self-published pedophile grooming resource, Challenging Homophobia and Heterosexism:

Should Schools Send Notes Or Permission Slips Home Before Starting Any Classroom Work About Curricular Issues That May Involve Discussions About Discrimination and Harassment?

No. The TDSB Equity Foundation Statement and Commitments to Equity Policy Implementation states that each school has a responsibly to education that reflects the diversity of its students and their life experiences. Singling out one group or topic area as too controversial, and depending upon parent/guardian/caregiver discretion, shifts this responsibility from the school to the parents/ guardians/caregivers and fosters a poisoned environment contrary to the TDSB Human Rights Policy.

That wasn’t a one off statement, it is official TDSB policy, and is reiterated on pg. 9 in yet another salvo against the family. I present the TDSB’s Gender Equity Resource Guide, which informs us that it is up to the Co-Parents of the TDSB to set your poor misguided children straight on matters of gender.

What Is Gender Equity Education? The TDSB is committed to supporting all students. Studies show that families begin to treat their children differently, based on gender, almost from the moment of birth. Educators are influential through their approach toward raising students’ awareness of gender stereotypes and barriers at a very early stage in children’s education. Together, educators and students can move from awareness to understanding, and from understanding to eliminating gender barriers wherever they may be found. pg.1

Now where do you think the TDSB figures those evil gender barriers are found? Why within the family and that old demon religion of course!

Gender is a primary regulator of classroom social interactions. Children actively take up what they have learned about gender roles from parents/guardians/caregivers, television, religion, etc., and use this often contradictory information to control each other’s behaviours. pg.7

Now ask yourself, how can a school board that supports Islamic Gender Apartheid at its own Mosqueterias be trusted to teach anything to anyone about gender?

The guide is full of references to white male gender hegemony, have fun reading. For a brain cleanser you may wish to read Dennis Prager’s “Making Gender Irrelevant“.

TDSB Gender Equity Guide