The Collapse Of The United Church

“Two weeks from now, the United Church of Canada will assemble in Ottawa for its 41st General Council, where it will debate church policy and elect a new moderator. The top item on its agenda is a resolution calling for a boycott of products from Israeli settlements. Fortunately, nobody cares what the United Church thinks about Israeli settlements, or anything else for that matter, because the United Church doesn’t matter any more.”

News Advisory

July 24, 2012
Notice of News Conference July 31st

Network of United Church Members Calls for Boycott and Divestment to End the Occupation

The United Network for a Just Peace in Palestine and Israel is a growing group of more than 150 United Church members and friends who are independent of the United Church’s structure but active within it.

This Network advocates for boycott and divestment of Israeli products produced in the illegally occupied Palestinian territories as the primary remaining non-violent means of ending the brutal occupation that began in 1967.

Looks At Dem Starbin Oiphans!