CAIR-Can Turns Vandalized Cars Into A Hate Crime…Meanwhile In The Restive City Of Toronto…

CAIR-Can issued a press release today calling what is likely an act of random vandalism a “Hate Crime”. The perpetual victims at CAIR found willing partners in the  Police and the CBC .

From the Muslim Brotherhood press release:

“CAIR-CAN calls on the Winnipeg Police to investigate this incident as a potential hate crime and hopes that the perpetrator(s) are swiftly brought to justice.”

Meanwhile in the restive city of Toronto, literally a few short blocks from our home…No mention of a hate crime here! Nope just plain old “vandalism”.

Suspect sought after west-end church vandalized

“A west-end church is struggling to pick up the pieces after a vandal, or vandals, broke into the parish overnight Friday and caused significant damage.

A Bible was ripped up; paint was poured around the building, including on instruments and walls; and all of the fire extinguishers were set off sometime between 1 a.m. and 3 a.m. at Kingsway Baptist Church in the Bloor Street West and Royal York Road area.