A Belgian Moment Of Clarity: “We cannot accept that women in the street are scolded as whores simply because they are women”

“One of these basic values is the equality between men and women. Just as in other cities, people in Brussels have been decrying for a longer time that women are being molested verbally. Female journalists of this editors’ office [De Morgen] – one of the few not situated in a suburban industrial area but in the heart of the city – do experience it themselves at regular intervals.

That we are losing control of this development was mercilessly revealed in the reportage Femme de la rue [Street woman], made by a young female film student. She simply filmed with a hidden camera how often she was accosted or scholded on one of Brussels’ major avenues.

But it goes beyond that. We see a trivialisation of antisemitism, where in certain quarters ‘dirty jew’ becomes an invective likewise usual as ‘damned’. And there is the intimidation in the streets of homosexuals.”

Trailer for “Femme de la rue”

“RITS student Sofie Peeters has made her thesis about sexism in the streets of Brussels. The documentary shows how, whenever they came out, was solicited or allowed to persist, mainly by immigrants. We show you a preview of her documentary “Femme de la rue”.