MacKay’s activist wife calls for Ottawa to bring back Omar Khadr

Her slip is showing….

Update: MacKay’s wife slams newspaper for ‘distorted’ Khadr comments

From Batb – Nazanin Afshin-Jam says she was quoted out of context and blames the interviewer for baiting her. That may be so, but as the wife of the Defence Minister of Canada, she can’t allow herself to be baited.

She says she told the interviewer ” … that what I said was my personal view … I am very disappointed that once again my personal view has been

Nazanin Afhin-Jam is either stupid or incredibly naive: Most journalists pay no attention to “this is my personal view, ” especially when they’re talking to the spouse of a government minister and are lying in wait to entrap the CPC.

Mrs. McKay had better keep her thoughts to herself around journalists. They’re no friends of hers, her husband, or the CPC.