Dan Hill Should Stick To Writing Saccharine Songs

Dan Hill, says we must invest even more millions into Toronto’s “priority” neighborhoods. It won’t make a difference.

No social program can compete with the toxic culture enabled by generational welfare.

Drug money is too attractive and too central to a culture that glorifies violence, and encourages the abandonment of personal responsibility of any sort based on the myth of systemic racism propagated in our schools, social services and opportunistic politicians.

In other bleeding heart news…Gangs aren’t the problem…these communities are “under-served” say grievance monger who worked for years with thug charged in Danzig Street shoot-out…

“”This is somebody I’ve worked with for multiple years of his life, not to tell you he’s the perfect kid,” she said. “But as far as I’m concerned… [he’s] somebody who was very intelligent, very sophisticated… always laughing, always talking to people.”

Gee Tasheka, I see your help really paid off!