Jason Kenney A Racist Say Supporters Of Foreign Gangsters

‘Foreign gangsters’ comment riles MPs, Caribbean-Canadians

“I agree w/ Mayor Ford: foreign gangsters should be deported w/out delay,” Kenney tweeted late Thursday. “That’s why we’ve introduced Faster Removal of Foreign Criminals Act.”

All the usual grievance mongers…

We need this: Mothers of large ‘problem families’ must stop having children, warns senior government adviser

“Miss Casey’s studies involved her getting right into the family situation; one instance saw her watch on as the courts took a woman’s ninth child away from her.

The woman in question was a drug addict, and the chances are without proper help she would go on to become pregnant again.

And on another occasion, Miss Casey intervened when a parent, on hearing their child had been unruly at school, called them a ‘nightmare’: Miss Casey responded by telling the parent that it was THEM who was the ‘nightmare’.”