From: Edward Mizzi, Subject: Omar Khadr

From: Edward Mizzi 
Date: Thu, Jul 19, 2012 at 8:34 PM
Subject: Omar Khadr


Dear Ms. Kapoor,

What you are doing is unconscionable and deplorable. First of all, you nor I know all of the facts regarding Mr. Khadr and what occurred before he was illegally arrested, without being charged with a crime.

Secondly, how would you have reacted had it been a brother or good friend of yours who was recruited as a “child soldier” when he was just a young teenager??

Third, I would be more apt to have you and your supporters banned from Canada than Mr. Khadr…you are obviously racist and discriminatory and your lack of tolerance for others is proof that you do not deserve to live in this great country. Keeping this child locked up in a prison for over 8 years without a fair trial and fair representation is pure injustice and inhumane. I recommend the following…

1. Before you open your mouth make sure you have all of the facts (and
in fact, I do not believe that any one person knows all of the facts
in this case)
2. Stop judging others until you look in a mirror first and don’t be
so ready to “throw the first stone”.
3. If you do not like the way Canadians try to find a way to help
others who cannot help themselves then maybe you should re-evaluate
your citizenship.

Sincerely, Ed

Azra Khan,  to petition mailbox (Stop Terrorist Omar Khadr from Returning to Canada Go Petition)

“Oh C’mon! What utter crap! You and your cronies are the only terrorists in Canada. Keep this crap to yourselves.

You are pathetic. If you had been in Omar’s place and your father had dragged you off to a war zone as a child, perhaps you too would have had the courage to defend yourself and your family from enemy combatants. If you had been blasted by gunshots and dragged off to Bagram and Guantanamo, been systematically tortured, sleep-deprived etc. and your govt. had made a plea deal with you to confess to whatever the US told you and that was your only hope of ever seeing the light of day, I am sure you would have confessed to any lies.

You too, Ms. Kapoor, would be grateful if you had people like me to fight for your human rights and to bring you back to Canada, where you could have the chance to heal and normalize your life.

So think about that before shooting your mouth off!”

Shobie Kapoor “The Return Of Omar Khadr”

Ps. Sorry Shobie I am going to have to invest in a HD Camera better able to handle the vagaries of indoor lighting.