Four Simultaneous Anti- Omar Khadr Events On July 18th

Dear Toronto and surrounding area residents. We have four simultaneous events occurring in Canada on July 18th re: Omar Khadr:In Toronto (see attached poster), Montreal , Edmonton and Abbotsford, BC.

If you haven’t yet registered for the Toronto event, please do so before seats run out. Just respond to this email with your full name. If you are bringing guests, we need their full names as well. Please sign our formal, written petition available at the meeting asking for Khadr to be tried for treason (address ID required) Note that I will be on The Arena with Michael Coren, Sun News Network, on July 17th to discuss our grassroots day of action.

Canadians who were allies of Sgt. Speer

Following is Dr. Michael Welner’s (expert forensic psychiatrist) 73 reasons for stating that Khadr is highly dangerous as well as a poster for our fallen Canadian soldiers. Most of them were killed due to IED’s (bombs) that Khadr was adept at making and at training other terrorists to make. Khadr could have killed a Canadian soldier that fateful day in Afghanistan in 2002.
73 Reasons Why Omar Khadr Is Dangerous –   

Ezra Levant & Lee Hanlon Discuss The Censorship Of Anti-Khadr Activists At The University of The Fraser Valley.