Your Tax Dollars At Work: The United Nations Association In Canada Wants You To Know That White Folk Are All Racists

The United Nations Association In Canada is a “charity” federally funded to the tune of  $362,776.00 of your money. It purports to educate the Canadian public on the good works of the United Nations. Good works like the notorious anti-semitic U.N conference on racism in Durban to which it sent “youth delegates“, although to anyone reading their account Durban was a resounding success.

One of its principle activities is educating Canadian youth on racism under the banner of their Diversity & Anti-Racism initiative. Under this initiative they provide a resource called “The Kit” . The Kit makes it plain that White Privilege is the root cause of all racism in Canada.

 This is a Canadian “charity” telling your children, that your culture, your heritage, your society and you yourself are racist. Do a search on “white” in the document below. Have fun, this will wet your appetite and trust me it’s only the tip of the iceberg.

“White (male) power and privilege and the rationality for dominance in society must be questioned.”

The usual Marxist tropes are trotted out, moral and cultural relativism being cornerstones of multiculturalism; Key Concepts In Anti-Racism

Colonialism: A process by which a foreign power dominates and exploits an indigenous group or country by appropriating its land and extracting wealth, while using the group as cheap labour. Also refers to a specific era of European expansion into overseas territories between the 16th and 21st centuries during which European states established settlements in distant territories and achieved economic, military, political, and cultural hegemony in much of Asia, Africa, and the Americas.

Ethnocentrism: “The tendency to judge all other cultures by the norms and standards of one’s own culture. It can be the feeling that your own cultural traditions and values are somehow better than others; and, assuming that what is true of your culture is also true of others. Eurocentrism refers to a complex system of beliefs that upholds the supremacy of Europe’s cultural values, ideas, and peoples. Ethnocide is the act or attempt to systematically destroy another people’s ethnicity or culture.”

United Nations Association In Canada The Kit