“Why is Envy Forbidden? Because It Is A Virtue Of Shaitan And The Jews”

Why is envy (hasad) forbidden?

It can cause – by the permission of Allah – harm to others whom are envied. Consequently, they are considered as evil acts in Islam. They can cause – even by just wishing – the harming of a person. It is the virtue of Shaitan. And it is also the virtue of Jews to envy other people. This is mentioned in Surah al-Baqarah, Ayah 109 and in Surah al-Nisa’, Ayah 54.

This came from the Muslim Association of Canada’s Youth Site. Yes the Youth Site. It’s from a document entitled COMMENTARY OF FORTY HADITHS OF AN NAWAWI By Dr. Jamal Ahmed Badi

There is an interesting commentary on Jihad in this document –  “General Introduction To Islam” again found at the MAC Youth Site, That Jihad is Holy War Against Unbelievers is made very plain: “But when we gave up jihad and did not abide by God’s. will, and started fighting among ourselves and were submissive in the face of our enemies. God caused us to suffer greatly by allowing us to be dominated by those who do not fear Him or have any mercy for us. Such people have ruled our lands and become masters.”

If all human actions had been destined since eternity-with no scope for change, alteration or option, there would have been no need to send prophets to this world, nor to launch Jihad (holy war) against unbelievers,”

The Message of The Quran: They are also warned not to take the Jews and the Christians for their “allies” in the moral sense of the word: that is, not to imitate their way of life and their social concepts at the expense of the principles of Islam (verses 51 ff.). This latter warning is necessitated by the fact, repeatedly stressed in this surah, that both the Jews and the Christians have abandoned and corrupted the truths conveyed to them by their prophets, and thus no longer adhere to the genuine, original message of the Bible.

I came across this material in a search after Marc Lebuis of Point de Bascule sent me a link to his latest post informing us that the Ottawa Police Department serves as a bulletin board for the Muslim Brotherhood.

Not to worry folks, The Lying Jackal has assured us that the Muslim Brotherhood are a swell bunch of guys.