Prager: This past month in the Muslim world

It goes without saying that many millions of Muslims are moral and decent people, and that the great majority of Muslim-Americans are just like other Americans. But among the American media and intellectual elites there is a denial of the evil that permeates the Islamist world.

Victor Davis Hanson: World changing minute by minute

Conventional wisdom also assumed that an indebted U.S. was in permanent decline, a cash-rich China in ascendency. The world would increasingly make the necessary political corrections as it pivoted eastward.

But none of that conventional wisdom now seems very wise – largely because of a number of technological breakthroughs and equally unforeseen political upheavals.

Melanie Phillips: The Synod should be ashamed for endorsing the Ecumenical Accompaniment Programme

Decent Christians are extremely upset, and rightly so, about the resolution passed at the General Synod a few days ago endorsing the Ecumenical Accompaniment Programme in Palestine and Israel.