Envoy’s call to Iranians in Canada raises fear of terror recruitment

UNITED NATIONS – The prospect of Iran using its embassy in Canada to mobilize Islamic Republic loyalists to attack the U.S. is raising alarm among terrorism experts after an official there issued a call to arms for expatriates to infiltrate the Canadian government and be ready to advance the interests of their homeland.

Details of the Iranian recruitment program came to light in a chilling interview Hamid Mohammadi, the Iranian cultural affairs counselor at the embassy in Ottawa, gave in Farsi to an Iran-based website directed exclusively at Iranians living in Canada. In addition to raising alarms in Canada, Mohammadi’s message got the attention of U.S. terror watchdogs, who noted that radicalized Iranians would be just an easy border crossing from the American heartland, since Canadian citizens do not need a visa and typically face just a few questions from U.S. border officials.

Update1: This is the Iranian web site in question, Iranian Residing Abroad, with the interview.

Update 2: Following is a paraphrase of the statements in question from a translator I engaged.

“In the last paragraph he/it “urges Iranians living in Canada to resist Canadian (western) culture” and “having them send Iranians (their kids) to key posts and to study important courses to be ready to fight for their heritage (their survival) in cultural clashes in Canada.” That same paragraph reads: “We can only resist this cultural meltdown among Iranian youths in Canada if we have people in high places and at decision making levels.”

The 2nd to last paragraph reads: “With good planning, the Iranian-Canadian community can serve the interests of Iran (can be an advantage for/to Iran).”