Dr. Tawfik Hamid reveals the indoctrination of Egyptian youth and the election of the extremist Muslim Brotherhood

“Aish.com: Where does this hatred and intolerance stem from?

Dr. Hamid: The Arab mind always tries to find someone else to blame for its mistakes. Instead of confronting themselves over the economic collapse, for example, the easiest thing to do is to scapegoat the Jews and Israel. Over the past few decades this blaming of Israel has reached a pathological level.

I think this is rooted in the Muslim idea of blaming Satan for encouraging them to sin. When a Muslim makes the required pilgrimage Hajj, a major component is Ramy al-Jamarat – throwing stones at Satan – because “he” is the one who is responsible for their mistakes. So there is a desire to never admit you are wrong. There is widespread intolerance for all minorities and, at its core, the inability to accept the existence of the other.”

Very interesting interview.