Yet another company about to be railroaded by The Kangaroo Kourt Kommissars

Burnham says though she received many complaints about the T-shirt, no one was offended by Carrier’s sexual orientation.

“But they are offended by the T-shirt because of their religious beliefs and their personal beliefs,” says Burnham. “To each, their own, right? And if you have to work with a diverse group of people, then you need to have a little bit of understanding.”

Carrier says well into their discussion, Burnham suddenly brought up the company’s dress code. Burnham told her the T-shirt wasn’t allowed under the dress code because it had wording on it.

Burnham says Carrier was given a copy of the dress code when she was hired. Though it is up to the “discretion of the supervisor” on what to enforce, Burnham says the dress code applies to all employees — those who work in the office areas and those who work in the warehouse.