Fags Attack Christians At Pride Redux

We are fortunate, all of us, here at BCF to have commenters like Batb. Today a comment was left on the Fags Assault Christians At Pride post by “Whoareyou” asking that I view the video you see below so that I could witness first hand how hateful the Preacher was. I responded but Batb whacked him, enjoy.

From Whoareyou: “There’s a video of him before this started. He was telling them they were sinners, they’re immoral and they’re going to hell. That’s when all this broke loose. So for that guy to come into the safe space of the LGBT community and preach about something that has hated them and rejected them, is completely and totally disrespectful. You don’t see any gay people showing up at his church making out with each other, do you? No. I rest my case.”

From BatB. Holy Jumpin’ Jehosaphat!

“This preacher’s message was totally respectful — and he pointed out that his lusting after women, before he turned to God, was sinful. He’s not saying others are sinful and he’s not.

He was completely sincere and respectful in everything he said to his questioner. Then the lesbian harpie arrived, topless, to harass and use foul language. She, basically, said he had no right to come to the Pride Parade and preach Christianity — even though or Charter of Rights and Freedoms guarantees, supposedly (that’s sarcasm) freedom of religion rights and freedom of expression rights.

This young pastor didn’t tell Ms. Topless Lesbian she couldn’t march. He didn’t tell her she had no right to be there or was lewd and disrespectful for showing up half-naked. He pointed out that he preaches the same message in all sorts of places — and only at the Pride Parade once a year — but implicitly made it clear that it was his right to be there to express his heartfelt love and concern for the folks marching in the name of Gay Pride.

See, this is the problem. The immature, infantile gay mindset of too many marchers is that they have rights and no one else does. This preacher was witnessing to the fact that not only do gays have rights to express themselves, so do Christians.

Gay activists hate Christians — and the language they used and the harassment tactics at the Gay Pride Parade reveal just how virulent their hatred is. The young Christian showed absolutely no animosity or disrespect towards his gay questioners. The hate speech and disrespect were on the part of the gay objectors.

Too bad you don’t understand the difference, Whoareyou. My advice to you? Grow up. Find out what our Charter of Rights and Freedoms is really all about — or if the Liberals ever intended it to be about equal rights or just about rights and freedoms for certain groups and not others.

You seem to have bought the L/liberal view.”

“Toronto police vs christians at pride- Before the confrontation”