Calling on all Toronto gun owners and freedom lovers

The National Firearms Association writes:

“As an NFA member, you may be aware that Toronto city councillor Adam Vaughan is poised to introduce a bylaw at the council meeting on July 11, 2012 that would drastically affect the rights of firearms owners and businesses to store ammunition within city limits.

If you have not already contacted your council member on this matter, I urge you to do at least that, and even better, please send an email or letter to Mayor Ford and your councillor telling them that you do not want Toronto to ban the storage or sale of ammunition within city limits. As you and I well know, banning firearms and ammunition doesn’t affect the actions of those with ill intent. To aid you in contacting your Toronto City Council member and the Mayor I have included their e-mail addresses below. If you choose to write, be polite and respectful, but make it clear that you see this proposed ammunition ban as an unnecessary and ineffective infringement on your civil and property rights that will do nothing to stop the criminal misuse of firearms and gang activities.”

Update from a reader: Found this at the NFA Facebook page – “Council will apparently “not” be hearing public submissions on July the 11th, but written submissions can be sent to “” with the reference/subject-line “MM25.23 – Council Vote on Ammunition”.