Claims of Islamist Vigilantism Follow Suez Murder Mystery

“Ahmed Hassan’s family accused several bearded men of killing their son while he went for a stroll with his fiancee. The family reported that those men prevented the couple from walking alone without “a male companion.” A heated dispute then emerged between the young man and the meddlers, which then evolved into an altercation that ended in the killing of Ahmed. Chargé d’affaires and acting presidential spokesperson Yasser Ali pledged to “strictly implement the law,” especially with respect to those involved in “horrible situations” such as Ahmed Hassan’s murder.

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“The newspaper monitored the areas of Saida Zeinab, Saad Zaghloul and Nasiriyah, interviewing veiled and unveiled women. The newspaper pointed out that veiled women are criticizing other women and young girls for their clothing. Statements such as: “You will end up at home,” “Here’s someone who can make you wear the veil” and “Forget about pants, get ready for the veil,” are common expressions being used against the non-veiled. These girls are also subject to insults and verbal abuse.”