A wonderful event

Had a great time at this evenings conference. There was an excellent turnout and the speakers were uniformly excellent. My apologies for not putting up the live stream link – my bad, thank JZ for adding it in the comments.

I was dashing about the grounds of the Hyatt just prior to the conference starting hoping to catch a glimpse of any protesters, security was very tight however, including a checkpoint for vehicle entry. Not a sign of anyone, only later did a reported dozen Dearbornistanians show up, only to be halted at the front door and I missed it!

Simon Deng gave an inspiring talk. Muslims held him captive as a slave in his native Sudan.

Met David Wood of Answering Muslims who walked us through his travails with Dearborn’s finest.

Nonie Darwish – tellin it like it is;)

Video should be available within a day or so. Also look to SunTV for interviews with Geller, Spencer and more.

Pamela Geller. I want to point something out. The entire event was taped by the Arab News Network who sent two reporters along. This photo is of Pamela being interviewed by them just before the conference.

No Fear. That’s the message.