Hilla Marriage…Just when you thought Islam couldn’t get any more perverse

“Thakurgaon: A group of influential locals has issued a fatwa against an elderly mother of five children in an attempt to force her to accept hilla marriage as her husband uttered the swear word ‘divorce’ on her.

Following the fatwa for intermediary marriage—so late in life—mother Jaheda Begum, 60, and her children are passing their days in panic at Ultapukuri village under Sadar upazila of the district.


Hilla Marriage: In Islam it is mandated that when a couple separates because the male partner has the power to divorce his wife by uttering the Arabic word ‘Talaq’ three times, and then if the male partner wanted to withdraw his pronouncement and get back his wife, the Hila Marriage shows up from nowhere. Well, to say “Nowhere” is a bit exaggeration. According to Islam, once the Talaq-nama is uttered by the husband, the wife may not rejoin the husband (or ex-husband) and live in the house as lawful husband and wife. The Shariat (Islamic law) does not allow this. If the couple reconciles their differences and lived happily ever after as before, and if this news reaches the ear of a Mullah in the neighborhood then it will surely spell trouble for the otherwise happy couple. The Mullah will issue a Fatwa then and there telling everyone that this couple is living a sinful life. Not only this rude and back-dated edict may wreck the couple’s conjugal life for once and all but it may also make them an instant social pariah. How? Look at the events to follow if Mullah’s dictum is enforced in a hurry. The couple will be separated immediately. And that is not where will it end peacefully. To the contrary a nightmare will start for the woman. She will be put up for a Hila marriage. To make the matter worse, if the woman is endowed with physical beauty, then there will be too many eager-beavers standing on the line to give their consent to Hila marriage. Why? Because, a person can come to physical contact with the women legally through this Hila marriage. The man may make to love to the woman lawfully through the courtesy of this age-old practice in Muslim society. Isn’t that disgusting? The woman in question could abhor the idea of all this hanky-panky with an unknown person all in the name of religion. For the man it could be a sexual escapade. No bindings, no commitment, whatsoever. Just a one night affair. The victim, however, has to carry this burden lifelong only because her husband on a spur-of-the-moment uttered the word Talaq three times and that is all.”