An evening of jovial bigotry…much of it actionable under both provincial and federal law

We had a wonderful time at Steynamite. Steyn, Coren, Krista Erickson & Jonathan Kay all shone brightly. Several jurisdictions worth of human rights code lay in tatters by evenings end, and we loved it.

It was heartening to see such a large and enthusiastic turnout and to meet so many readers and friends.

MuniMula was there and he gave K a t-shirt which will be certain to raise eyebrows. We met Etobicoke Gladiator, Paul Gordon, Vardit and BatB, Elena,Tanya, not to mention Thinking Man, Scaramouche, Laura, EyeCrazy, Gentile and Joanne.

 I missed connecting with Sanwin and others and hope to rectify that next time out.

Some familiar faces…

Hello Randy. Some of you are probably asking: What no Steyn etc? Nope cameras are barred and I follow the rules, unlike all the twitter pics that are available on line Sigh…..

This one’s for JZ. Krista Erickson. I won’t break JZ’s heart by telling him about the moment we shared…..

Something appealing, something revealing,
Something hilarious
At Steynamite last night!
Something expressive, something transgressive,
Something hilarious
At Steynamite last night!

A word from Mark’s Fave Infidel Whore!