Joke Of The Day: Attorney General Rob Nicholson Says Dalton McGuinty Has To Charge Khadr With Treason

Hahahahahahahaha! Boy That Rob Nicholson, he sure is funny! He really had me goin there!

Wait…what do you mean he’s not kiddin?

OTTAWA — Federal Justice Minister and Attorney General Rob Nicholson says the question of laying charges of treason against Omar Khadr is a provincial and police matter.

The issue was raised after Public Safety Minister Vic Toews announced last week that he had received an American request to transfer the Canadian-born convicted terrorist and murderer to Canadian custody.

“We cannot comment on specific cases,” said Julie Di Mambro, spokeswoman for Nicholson. “In Canada, the decision to lay and pursue Criminal Code charges rests with police and provincial Crown attorneys.”

Oh Fab! Yea that’s the ticket. Leave it up to craven vote whore McGuinty and the Cops who brought you Caledonia.