Serious Father Issues Ahead: Saudi man spends 15 years in jail on father’s order

“Eid al-Sinani, 43, was originally sentenced to three years in prison and 200 lashes for beating up his step mother, Musab al-Zahrani, a researcher at the National Society for Human Rights (NSHR), told Reuters.

However, when the sentence had been served the father asked a judge to keep his son in prison “until he is proven to be righteous by his father”. The judge agreed and 12 years later Sinani is still in jail, Zahrani said.”

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We really need a “Burn a Koran Day”

Saddar police on Monday rescued from his accusers a man suspected of defiling pages of the Holy Quran at a mosque near Toba-Gojra Road on Sunday night.

Police said the man, identified as Imran, was mentally-challenged.