Tunisia: a complaint with the ICC against the government and Salafi Ennahda

“I wish to bring to your attention an initiative by Tunisian citizens that I support. They filed a complaint to the office of the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court in The Hague, against tthe Ennahda government and Salafists.  The complaint asks the Prosecutor to declare that the salafists are a genocidal movement threatening the Tunisian people and the Jews, with the approval of the Ennahda party. Recently, a salafi gave a speech in the streets of Tunis calling for the extermination of Jews.

I have a number of Tunisian Jews among my Facebook friends, and they are worried that unless something is done, their country may go down the path of Algeria in the 1990s, with much bloodshed.

Also, salafism is not, and has never been part of the Tunisian culture. The complaint alleges that their government and salafists are intent on forcibly destroying “Tunisianity”, a form of cultural genocide, to replace it with a foreign fanatical culture.”

I copy the English translation of the extract of the complaint posted on my blog. My Tunisian friends wish to garner as much support as they can get. They say – and I agree with them – that their resistance is for the benefit not only of Tunisians, but of mankind. Hopefully, they will be heard and salafism will be declared a threat to Humanity.

I have encouraged my readers to sign the online petition supporting the complaint.

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