Oh! Oh! Shaima Alawadi’s Daughter, Fatima Alhimidi, Was Dating A Chaldean Christian

“Cervantes said the couple stayed and eventually the police arrived. Shaima Alawadi also came to the scene to take her daughter away and was seen screaming at the girl, in part, because the Alawadi family is Muslim and Yacub was Chaldean, a Christian Iraqi.”

Meanwhile, another Stupid Girl makes an asinine effort to paint this tragedy as a hate crime despite all evidence to the contrary.

“This woman was taken advantage of in her own home. Some Facebook users made the parallel between Trayvon wearing his hoodie and Shaima with her hijab, and it is true in essence. Just like Martin, Alawadi was killed because of her clothing, specifically her hijab.”

NB: Ms. Kristy Roberts silly article has been deleted after being subjected to the withering ridicule of you – the reader. Here it is in a jpeg.