Sayeh Hassan – In front of the Iranian Regime’s mosque in Toronto 4/11/12

This came in from Sass.

This is a video report filmed in front of the Imam Mahdi Islamic Centre in Toronto.
This is an Islamic Centre affiliated with the Islamic Regime in Iran, a dictatorship that oppressed, raped, tortured and executed its people for the past 32 years. The Centre has invited a prominent religious teacher Mr. Mir Bagheri to speak at 10 lectures. Iranian activists are concerned about this Centre and the speakers it invites from Iran due to its affiliation with the Islamic Regime. The purpose of bringing speakers such as Mr. Mir Bagheri is to normalize the ugly face of the Islamic Regime through religion and to promote the type of barbaric Islam practiced by the Regime in Iran. We as Iranian Canadians do not want Canada to become a safe house and a safe ground for Islamic Regime affiliates and the dangerous type of Islam and Islamism they promote.

Down with the Islamic Regime in Iran
Long Live Freedom in Iran