The Hate Crime That Wasn’t: Paranoid Schizophrenic Upsets The Victim Hierarchy Apple Cart

The brutal murder of Gay activist Raymond Taavel by Andre Noel Denny, a deeply troubled man who failed to return from a pass issued by the psychiatric hospital allegedly overseeing his care, was initially being touted as a hate crime.

As details of Denny’s troubled past & medical history have emerged the talk of this incident being a hate crime  quickly subsided.  The loss of “Special Victim” status doesn’t make Taavel any less dead. Insanity may make Denny less culpable.

But here’s the twist, reports indicate Denny is also an Aboriginal, that makes him a member of new victim class in Canada, the “Special Victim Criminal”. What if he is judged sane enough to stand trial? Would he then be sentenced to a native healing circle or something similar as mandated by the Supreme Court?

“The Supreme Court of Canada has issued an iron-clad edict that sentencing judges must search out lenient or creative sentences for aboriginal offenders that recognize the oppressive cultural conditions many have grown up with.”

Murder is murder. All victims should be treated equally and all murderers as well.