Poor Heather Mallick: The Star Undermines The White Racist Narrative Of Her Column Justifying Female Feticide

Mallick’s column: Hiding Toronto hospital ultrasound results to prevent sex selection is pointless — and possibly racist.  Heather wants you to know that Killing Girls is none of your racist sexist business!

“As if it matters in the end. Ultrasounds are here to stay. Refusing to say “girl” or “boy” is akin to those languid doctor committees of yore that decided whether a desperate woman would be allowed her abortion or not. Canadian women have control over their own bodies. Is this to be denied to Canadians of South Asian and South Korean origin?

It’s not our business.

So there are “good” abortions and “bad” abortions, good parents and “bad” aborters. If these sex-selective abortions are common among Canadian immigrants born in India and South Korea and sex-selection is bad, does that mean that white women are by definition good? Because they have their preferences, too, maybe for a balanced family.”

Now Meet Lynn Adams in Today’s Star: Victim Of Racism!

“I was told by both (ultrasound sonographers) that they weren’t allowed to tell parents the gender of the baby anymore,” said Adams, a 45-year-old who lives in Newmarket.”

Never let the facts get in the way of a good screed.