Trough Feeder Of The Day – George Smitherman

Taxpayers paid George Smitherman $158,000 to advise Ryerson U

Yup Good Old George Smitherman is back in the news. The Man who brought you the E-Health, and Ornge Air scandals has been busy busy busy sucking on the government tit.
I look on the current election race in Alberta with envy. At least a credible alternative to their no longer conservative party has arisen in Wild Rose country. No such alternative yet exists for hard done by Ontarians.  Our provincial conservative party is conservative in name only, governed as it is by wannabe Liberals, who to no one’s surprise openly supported their fellow trough feeder George Smitherman in Toronto’s mayoralty race.
That’s the state of affairs we are faced with in Ontario, a stagnant political scene led by careerist cowards.