Immigrants get priority over ‘white’ Canadians for Ottawa’s public housing, human rights complaint alleges

OTTAWA — An Ottawa man who was living in a shelter with his wife and two children took the City of Ottawa to a human rights tribunal last month, alleging that immigrants are given priority over “white Canadians” for public housing.

Kirk Munroe and his family lived at the Carling Family Shelter for months last year while waiting for a public housing unit to call their own. Munroe grew frustrated with the wait after immigrant families at the shelter were offered public housing in only a “matter of weeks.”

Look, the case has already been largely dismissed by the tribunal as they doubt the complainants story, they have allowed him to proceed with an amended case based on an alleged reprisal by the Shelter’s management. I doubt that the public would be allowed access to data revealing the ethnicity and or citizenship status of public housing residents as no doubt any such query would be demonized as profiling. This is a no win situation for all of us. 

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