Ezra Levant Just Like Anders Breivik! Listed As Evil Counter Jihadist In Hope Not Hate Report

Ezra Levant makes the list as Canada’s contribution to Hope Not Hate’s ludicrous Counter-Jihad report. Look at that picture of Ander’s Breivik on the screen shot! Yup Ezra is just like that. Along with Ezra is the Canadian Defense League, apparently an off-shoot of the EDL – never heard of em. 

Me? I’m just not Counter-Jihadi enuff to make the grade, I promise to be more hateful in the future.

How ludicrous is this report? The Barnabas Fund which provides aid to persecuted Christians is listed as being an evil Counter Jihad organization – just like Anders Breivik! Oh those evil  Christians!

Here’s the full report. More later as I read this asinine twaddle.

Canada’s Other contributions to the Counter-Jihad Thought Crime Hater’s list:

Hilarious – The Canadian Defense League is a single page on Facebook! Scary! Except it was likely set up by the report’s author himself or our own CHRC;)

Dr Ali Sina (pseudonym) Iranian-born, Canadian-based, former Muslim. OMG An Apostate who speaks out against Islam! Now that is evil!

Ahhh Crap!  Mark Steyn got in as an American hater and I didn’t!  Fix! Fix!

A site search of Hope not Hate’s web site  for the term “islam” turns up Zero, count em, Zero listings for any article mentioning Islamic Terrorism. In fact anything negative about Islam is scrupulously avoided.  The only reference to Islam is the portrayal of Muslims as victims. Funny That.

Europe News has an excellent report on the report here.   h/t Jane

If you’re insulted at being left off Hope Not Hate’s report contact them here and let them know of your dissapointment for omitting you!