London Police Chaplain & Louis Farrakhan Fan Munir El-Kassem Will Keep The Lid On Latest Suspected Honour Killing

Very little is being reported on the murder of Sonya El-Birani, by her husband. While motive remains unclear at this time it’s doubtful that much information will be forthcoming until trial if at all.

There’s good reason to suspect that a “Nothing to do with Islam veil” will fall over this case.

London’s Police force appointed Munir El-Kassem a police chaplain. Munir El-Kassem is an Islamist apologist and fan of the anti-semitic Louis Farrakhan.

“Actually it takes vision, determination and strong leadership to achieve unity and I think Minister Farrakhan demonstrated that ability and strong leadership and vision to bring the Muslims together and I think that we just started this journey of unification and we still have a lot to do under his leadership.”

Imam Munir El Kassem
London Ontario, Canada

He is also the Imam of the murdered woman’s mosque. For some reason neither the police nor the London Free Press has chosen to inform the public of El-Kassem’s “history”.

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