Poor UBC Is So Ronery! They’re Under Attack From Evil Right Wing Blogger Blazingcatfur!

Last year I wrote about UBC’s dalliance with the prison nation North Korea. It’s an unseemly effort spearheaded by Professor Kyung-Ae Park & Professor Paul Evans both of whom contribute to the North Korean propaganda site CanKor, which in OJ like fashion, promises to find the real truth about their beloved socialist paradise. Others have also questioned UBC’s association with the murderous North Korean regime, so I don’t think it’s just me.

In response the Kimophiles of UBC are attempting to whitewash their love affair with the Dear Leader of Nations in this Ubyssey piece, “From Pyongyang to Point Grey: UBC’s special relationship with North Korea” or as I prefer “Kim Jong-Un is our Superior”.

“Not everyone thinks the KPP is a good idea. Right-wing blogs such as Blazing Cat Fur have attacked the program, accusing UBC of “hosting monsters from a prison nation that jails and murders entire families.” They also refer to CanKor, an online journal on North Korean affairs that Evans and other UBC professors contribute to, as a “propaganda site” for the North Korean regime.”

Well that’s because North Korea is all that and worse Professor Park, to suggest otherwise is akin to describing Mengele as a simple country doctor.

Frankly my comments about the propaganda site Cankor and this whole stinking program still stand. I see no effort or willingness on the part of UBC’s useful idiots to tell the truth about the Gulag Nation, in fact Professor Park instructed the Ubyssey to avoid words like capitalism lest they offend her Masters. Funny, I see no mention on the CanKor site of this recent report by the Committee for Human Rights in North Korea which details how the Dear Leader’s Gulags house as many as 150,000 prisoners, held in the worst of conditions. Sorry UBC but your dance with the Devil deserves public condemnation.

This is an interesting revelation: “This negative pushback is one reason why it is hard to get information on the KPP’s donors. Park says they donate on condition of anonymity, though she confirmed that neither the Canadian government nor UBC has funded it.”

Oh come on boys, we all know Kim Jong-Un is a humble man;)