Heads Up Sports Fans: Muslims Edge Catholics By 2 For Second Place In Hate Crimes Derby – Jews Hold On To 1st Place

Well sports fans, Muslims outscored Catholics by a score of 52 to 50 Hate Crimes according to the most recent StatsCan data while Jews remained champs and easily trumped both faiths with an impressive 204 goals!

Sadly for the grievance monger industry, Statscan also reports an overall decline in hate crimes motivated by race or ethnicity and by religion: “From 2009 to 2010, the rate of hate crimes motivated by race or ethnicity (-20%) and those motivated by religion (-17%) declined.

But cheer up! We still hate those Bitchy Flamers! “Hate crimes motivated by sexual orientation were relatively stable.”

Here’s the full Hate Crimes Scorecard with additional colour commentary by the CBC.

PS. Whatever happened to the Tide Of Islamophobia sweeping our nation?