Dear Senator Mitchell, I’m on side with Senators Nancy Greene & Bert Brown…

Thank you for your email regarding Senator Eaton’s inquiry in the Senate about the funding of environmental organizations.
I have always prioritized climate change issues in my work as a senator and spoke out against this unfair demonization of environmental charities. You can read the speech I delivered to the Senate by clicking here and I encourage you to track this inquiry as other senators contribute their thoughts. Senator James Cowan, Leader of the Opposition in the Senate, delivered a tremendous speech last week and it can be read by clicking here.
Conservative senators like Senator Nancy Greene Raine and Senator Bert Brown have recently delivered speeches that question the legitimacy of the science behind climate change. In his own speech about this inquiry, Senator Don Plett (former Conservative Party president) suggested that environmental charities wouldn’t be opposed to taking money from al-Qaeda.
These types of speeches serve only to detract attention from the real issue: this Conservative government is not interested in addressing the effects of climate change and seeks to silence those who have opposing opinions. This much was made clear when this year’s budget included a provision that would grant the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) more money to investigate the source of funding and political involvement of charities, something that was already being done and reported online.
The budget implementation bill is expected to be tabled in the House of Commons by the government when parliament resumes the week of April 23rd. I urge you to contact the Prime Minister, the Finance Minister, your Member of Parliament and any members of the Finance Committee, who will be studying this bill, including the provision that will give CRA an additional $8 million to investigate the advocacy work of charities.
Thank you for taking the time to write and getting involved on this issue. We need your help in holding this government to account.
Grant Mitchell
Senator – Alberta