The Most Stupid Post On Shaima Alawadi Evah!

Oh Look! A poem by an air headed “feminist” white girl, how novel, note the complete ignorance of facts regarding Shaima Alawadi’s murder. Allison McCarthy tell us; What are your thoughts on arranged marriage? On honour killings?

In Memory of Shaima Alawadi – It is the worst poem ever!

The author would like us to know that Shaima Alawadi’s death is “an act of terrorism” That “violence against women of color is an act of terrorism”

Oh and of course that “Violence at the hands of white supremacy is an act of terrorism” Yes the idiot really wrote that.

OH My! A DCMA takedown was filed by the author of this, uh, “poem”, don’t worry it’s screen-capped for posterity. I can certainly see why she would want to keep this bit of her “work” out of public sight;)