Jew Hating “American” Cleric Salah Sultan’s Son Waxes Emotional About Trayvon Martin & Shaima Alawadi

Ohio State University students & faculty show an amazing Cluelessness about current events in the video below of their “Hoodies & Headscarves” rally in support of Trayvon Martin & Shaima Alawadi. I have to assume that Ohio State University exists behind some kind of force field that prevents the penetration of information from the outside world.

I especially appreciate the appearance by Mohammad Sultan “past president” of the OSU Muslim Students Association speaking on behalf of anti-racism and human rights and freedom blah blah blah… He doesn’t seem to know that all evidence suggests that Shaima Alawadi’s death was likely an Honour Killing, funny that. Oh well never let the facts get in the way of a good Islamo-Left alliance narrative I always say.

Fun facts about the OSU’s Muslim Student Association & Mohammad Sultan:

As I’ve written elsewhere, the OSU Muslim Students Association has a very troubled history. Before the 9/11 attacks, the group operated the MSANews email distribution service that served as the primary English-language outlet for virtually every Islamic terrorist group in the world, including al-Qaeda. As the Associated Press reported in December 2001, the OSUMSA was under investigation by federal authorities for openly promoting terrorist videos and extremist Islamic groups in the U.S.

More recently, in February 2006, the OSUMSA hosted a conference sponsored by the Muslim charity Kindhearts on the same day that federal agents raided the Kindhearts offices and the Treasury Department closed the group down and froze its assets for financing Hamas.

The president of the OSUMSA at the time it held its fundraiser for Galloway was Mohamed Sultan — the son of prominent terrorist-supporting sheikh Salah Sultan. Last January, I reported here at Pajamas Media about an appearance of Salah Sultan on Egyptian TV, where he threatened the U.S. with destruction and invoked a notorious Islamic hadith about the eventual extermination of the Jews at the hands of the Muslims. Sultan has also been photographed at events with several Hamas leaders.