“I heard that you intended to build a big mosque in Bern…”

“I heard that you intended to build a big mosque in Bern, that big contributions to that effect come from Saudi Arabia and other factions, and I wondered “ does the world really need more mosques now?”. Don’t you know that the Islamic world suffers from poverty and famine? Don’t you know that the dream of many Muslim youngsters now is to immigrate to Europe on deathly boats? Don’t you know that with such huge funds you can build schools in your original countries and free many villages of their complete isolation and marginalization?

Don’t you know that your women need hospitals because many of them, pregnant, die before they arrive at a hospital to give birth? And what about Saudi Arabia? Aren’t they ashamed of themselves, those Golf princes with their petrodollars, when they come to Morocco for sexual tourism with tons of books, comprising not a single scientific magazine or any book of intellectual value, only copies of the Koran and religious books? That is, while Western countries support educational projects, found charities, and build schools and hospitals.”

This “Open letter to the Islamic Central Council of Switzerland” was written by Kacem El Gazzali, an apostate and for added horror, an atheist!

Poste de Veille sent this along and provides some background:

“Gazzali is a remarkable young Moroccan who left Islam and now lives in Switzerland. He collaborates with Hillel Neuer.

He has a blog in English, Atheistica.com. His profile is here.: He is the author of http://bahmut.blogspot.com/ , one of the most controversial blogs in the Arab world, and has received a number of death threats, His blog discusses issues ranging from freedom of expression to political Islam. He is a passionate supporter of separation of religion and state and recently started an English blog, http://atheistica.com/, to reach non-Arabic speakers interested in atheism and minorities in the Arab world.

He is one of the persons behind the Petition to the UN by Arab Atheists and Agnostics asking for a ban on Sharia Law

Young Muslims leaving Islam is a growing phenomenon. I am even considering opening a section on my blog for apostates of Islam living in Quebec. An Algerian immigrant living in Montreal discovered my blog two days ago by googling the words “thousands of muslims leave islam”. He left an incredible commentary saying they are thousands of them who have learned more about Islam through the Internet and are totally disgusted. He wrote: “let’s fight together against the islamisation of Quebec”

Well that was fast;) Next Wednesday at 1 PM ET, I will be interviewed with Canadian TV talk show host, Michael Coren for his show.