Spain: The European heart of Salafism

This is a translation of an article that originally appeared in La Razon, it appears to be more a highlights summary than the full article.

Spain: The European heart of Salafism

“The Salafist imam of the mosque of Reus, Tabdelhamid Aim The Hyat, was denounced by moderate Muslims, who testified that he coerced and made them pay a “revolutionary tax” in the style of ETA.

He is not the only radical Salafist imam controlled by security forces. The more mediatic is Houzl Abdelwahab, Imam from the mosque of Lerida. He is accused by the police of having promoted a kind of “religious police” who controls the “good behavior” of every Muslim. Houzl frequently send messages in their sermons of hate for Spain and the West. He is accused by the police of physical abuse and polygamy.

Mohamed Mrabet Fahsi is the imam of the mosque in Vilanova (Barcelona) and spent seven years in prison. He was arrested in “Operation Jackal,” which dismantled a cell linked to terrorist attacks. The National Court accused him of funding jihadist networks and recruit young suicide individuals.”

The highlight translation is here, the original La Razon article is here.