Site of the Day: Observatoire de l’Islamisation

32 Salafist mosques under surveillance.

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“The Obin Report showed a deep infiltration by radical Islam into the vast majority of French schools and a vitriolic hatred for Jews. What the Report showed was so alarming that the text was not initially disclosed. Nobody dares to say that more than thirty mosques all over the country broadcast incendiary remarks that have « nothing to do with the teachings of Islam, » and that the same remarks are received daily on television by tens of thousands of Muslims in France through the Arabic version of Al Jazeera.”

“Graffiti praising Merah on the wall of a French house: “You were a valiant Knight of Islam! You fought the shit zionist and the false muslims. You died guns in hand… I salute you Mohamed my brother, my friend… Rest in peace !”