Israeli Apartheid Week an attack on freedom of speech and freedom of expression

“Israeli Apartheid Week is being foisted on us once again.

Israeli Apartheid Week is not only an affront to unbiased and knowledgeable observers of the Middle East, not only an anti-Israel and anti-Semitic hatefest full of positions and statements that have no basis in reality, not only a terrible disservice to Palestinians because the false sense of victimhood it fosters precludes them from taking constructive measures to improve their lives and not only a violation of academic integrity by the universities that allow it to take place because it is very one-sided and unbalanced and contrary, more rational and honest views are either ridiculed, discouraged or not permitted…no, awful and disgraceful as all of this is, it is much more than that. It is a frontal attack on two of our most fundamental, inalienable rights, freedom of speech and freedom of expression.